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About Tnext

About us

TNEXT Corporation is a company with operations primarily in the telecommunications industries along with a widely recognized parental company Trinity Tech Inc.

Through its Telecom subsidiary, TNEXT provides retail and wholesale telecommunications services and products, including pre-paid and rechargeable calling cards and wholesale carrier services.

TNEXT is a division within IDT (Integrated Device Technology) Telecom offering Voice over IP Solutions and other products.

Today, TNEXT blooms to expand business in more than Ontario and to across Canada. Our head office is located in Etobicoke. Our worldwide domain and partnership benefit our clients, as each one is able to take advantage of the shared learning’s that we gain by participating in such a wide array of markets. Being a young wholesale VoIP telecommunications provider with residence & business has allowed for us to build some of the most advanced technology in the market today.

“Our strong brand is associated with quality, reliability, and value.”

Why Tnext Fiber Internet

Get Connected. Stay Connected.
  • Unlimited, Reliable and Affordable
  • Powerboost speeds
  • Unlimited Usage
  • 24/7 Hour Response
  • No Contract

Tnext Core Value


  • We are known for consistently delivering quality work, done when you need it, by qualified people.
  • We are professionals who are attentive, responsive, flexible, accountable, and a pleasure to work with.
  • We value technology because it increases value. We know that, at the end of the day, our job is to please our customers so they can please theirs.


  • We combine creative problem solving with technical know-how to analyze and execute Issues, no matter what type of job, we always keep it in mind.
  • We believe in the proactive power of continually challenging ourselves to anticipate issues and make our solutions even better.
  • We treat every customer call with a strong sense of urgency


  • Tnext protects the public interest by being accountable to the public, such that Tnext accepts responsibility for their actions and deliver what they promise to deliver, and Tnext as an organization honors its legislated and financial obligations.
  • We work hard to give our customers a positive experience every time. We will be the team that people want to be on, and work with.